Slow boat trip upstream Mekong river from Luang Prabang to Houixai & Chiang Khong from 6th to 10th Jan 2012 - part two.
This is the second video of the trip we made between 6th and 10th Jan 2012 from Luang Prabang to Houixai. After Pabeng we continued upstream on the Mekong river to Houxai. We still went slow and had to overnight at a village beach before Houixai. Gold panning peoples, fishermen, locals moving about their business, and their general life depending on the Mekong are what we have witnessed. There was a new bridge over the river under construction downstream of Houixai. The bridge will link Laos' Houiai with Thailand's Chiang Khong. 8th - 10th Jan 2012.

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