Random images of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar
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These pictures and video slides are selected out of some of our past trips. They show you life and places, the homes and peoples, villages and cultures, towns and their streets, travel and transport, temples and architectures; as well as inter-connection between lives and communicative nature in its beauty - earth, water, light and time.

Life on water

Lives on waters - river and sea

Hilltribe village

Hilltribe villages, countryside,remote places

Towns & cities, temples, markets & museums

Towns & cities, temples, museums, markets..

Jungle hiking & camping

Jungle hiking & camping, forest survival, natural beauty and life

Photos from Myanmar (Burma) | Old and rare Myanmar photos from 1923 to 1960 | Rural scenes of Myanmar in hand paintings

Multi days hike to snow capped mountains in Putao, Burma Kachin state