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A view from top of Khao Luang
A view from the peak of Southern Thailand's highest mountain Khao Luang in Nakhon Sri Thammarat. It was quietly lively, birds flying around, slient wind carrying nature scense of greenry even in the dry month of April. A trip to 1835 meter peak needs 2 days up and 1 day down (April 2005 trip).

Chiang Dao mountains, Chiang Mai
One of many cool pictures taken on a hike on higher elevations of Chiang Dao mountains in northern Chiang Mai province. The mountains (above 2000 meter) offer lower himalaya weather and plants. Fantastic panorama scenery of sub-alpine like landscape and flowers await atop the range in winter (Nov to February, Dec 2005 trip).

A jungle trek in Khao Yai national park
River walking in the middle of deep jungle. A 3-day hike through Khao Yai national park from north-western border to the headquarters (Dec 2005 hike).

Sunset in Kaeng Krachan trek
Sunset over Thailand-Myanmar border seen from Doi Phanoeng Thong mountain peak in Kaeng Krachan national park, Petchaburi province (March 2006 trek).

Climb to the sky - wild honey collector's ladder
Made of bamboo the ladder hugs the tree all the way to a point from where the wild honey collector can reach the bee hives with his bamboo stick. Climbing the ladder of this kind without any proper safety gear is risky. Not all hilltribe (here there are mostly Karen) peoples do it. Only few in a village do this business. Usually two men of the same family would go for a honey hunt. One is the experienced climber who also has to build the ladder on the tree where they find new beehives.
This photo was taken during one of our walks between Laytongku village and Maung Kua village in Umphang in June 2006.

Constructing a temporary bamboo bridge to cross a stream
Constructing a temporary bamboo bridge to cross a strong stream during a rainy season hike. A good knife and a mean to build fire are two of the most important things to have during a jungle trip. On top of these are the survival skills.
This and the below photos were taken in our July 2006 trip in Umphang.

A waterfall between Thailand and Myanmar border
Beautiful waterfalls going down in later part of rainy season from Doi San Min mountain on Thai-Myanmar border. These tall falls are at their full in the later period of the rainy season which is usually July to October.

At Khao Laem mountain-top in Khao Yai national park
At the peak of 1290 meter Khao Laem mountain in Khao Yai national park (August 2006 hike).

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