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A family on a wooden paddle boat on the Mekong river
A village family travelling on a wooden paddle boat on Mekong river, northern Laos.

A Lao fisherman in the rain, on Mekong river
A fisherman on the boat under the rain on the Mekong river, northern Laos. The basket fish traps are used to trap the fish. The catch has been dwindling year after year along the Mekong river.

Another fisherman on the Mekong river in northern Laos
Another Lao fisherman on the Mekong river.

A Mekong boat in northern Laos
A Mekong boat of northern Laos. These boats are used as both passenger and cargo transporters plying the lower Mekong river - the section along Laos and Myanmar border, Laos and Thailand border and in Laos. The hull is usually iron and upper body is made of mostly wood. There is usually a toilet between the forward passenger cum cargo cabin and the engine compartment. At the aft section is the living compartment of the crew. The boat crew is also usually a family. Look at the clothes hanging behind the boat.

A rest shelter in the rocks on Mekong river bank
A rest shelter in the rocks on Mekong river bank. A bamboo bed with tarp bed sheet and natural rock sunshade made probably by a fisherman or a gold panner.

Buffalos in Nam Ou river, Laos
Buffalos dipping in the cool water in Nam Oo (Nam Ou) river in northern Laos. Buffalos, cows, goats, pigs, chicken, turkey are raised in the villages along Mekong and Ou rivers, as well as in other water bodies throughout south east Asia. However in these villages the numbers of cattle and poultry are usually small. There is no large farm or ranch in these villages (April 2008 trip).

Children rowing paddle boats on Nam Oo river
Children rowing the paddle boats on Nam Ou river at Nong Kiew (Muang Ngoy Mai) in northern Laos.

Boat landing on Nam Ou river in Nong Kiew
Boat landing on Nam Oo river in Nong Kiew (Muang Ngoi Mai) in upper Laos.

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