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A fantastic view of Bagan on the Ayeyarwaddy river, middle Myanmar
(Photo by Barber Cho)
A fantastic view of Bagan plain from a temple. Bagan is a Buddhist archaeological site beside Myanmar's longest river - the Ayeyarwaddy. It is also one of the most visited places in the country. Being in the central plain region the best time to come is the cooler months of Novemebr to January. This over a thousand year old site is reached by bus, car or flight from Yangon and Heho (the airport of Inle lake in southern Shan state) and Mandalay. There is a regular boat service down from Mandalay too.
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A christian church in Myitkyina, Kachin state, northern Myanmar
A Christian church in the town of Myitkyina, Kachin state in northern Myanmar. There are temples and assembly places of worship of religions in almost all towns in the country. However majority (over 80%) of the population are said to be Buddhists.

Inside of the above Church
Inside of the church. Many of the hill peoples in northern, western and lower eastern hills are Christians, along with other small numbers scattering throughout the country.

Fruit truck in a Bangkok street
Now let's come to Bangkok - the always vibrant city of Thailand. The fruit truck selling coconut, apple, mango and so on had just arrived. In the city of ever increasing population there are all kinds of services offered for convenience of the city dwellers. There are convenient stores opening 24 hours each day, there are lots of small shops selling all the stuff almost every corner of the streets.

A Bangkok soi on a full mooon day evening
This is an evening scene of a Soi (a small side street) on a full moon day. It was extraordinarily quiet, everyone was out for dinner in the restaurants on the main road. That day the food stall in the Soi did not open because they were going for a family party in other part of the city.

Bangkok soi after the rain
The same Bangkok Soi at a night after the rain. After the day long rain, what were left were the black asphalt paving with puddles of rain water on it, the dark buildings, a brighter city part in the distance, lighter cloud over there and the still dark rain-cloud above the soi.

A sausage seller came after mid-night
A mobile hawker selling sausage arrived after mid-night. After selling around in other nearby places, he came here to sell to peoples whom he knew worked late. In some months, peoples in certain business have to work lake, really late, and they need food to eat at wee hours of the day.

Sunrise view in Bangkok
Well, it is sunrise now. You have seen sunrise views over the beautiful mountains and rivers in other pages of this website. This sunrise is in Bangkok, from an apartment in the small street in a relatively quiet part. So Bangkok is not always what you think. There are lots of places at the end of narrow streets and corners of turns of the long streets that offer different perspectives of the so-called city of smiles.

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