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A Lisu village in Putao, Kachin state, northern Myanmar
A village of mostly Lisu peoples in Putao, Kachin state, northern Myanmar. The beautiful place is several days hike away from the snow capped mountains along Myanmar and India border.

Another village scene in Putao
The north-western end of the village from where you can see the ice capped peaks of eastern lower Himalaya range. The lives in these villages are similar to other hilltribe villages in hilly parts of Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. The proximity to high elevations give these peoples additional skills of survival and living in the cold weather, and snow areas.

A Rawan village, Putao, Kachin state, northern Myanmar
A Rawan village in Putao, Kachin state, northern Myanmar (Burma). The life is simple, close to nature - their surrounding. The houses are made of wood and bamboo. The water is drawn from the nearby river in this village. Some villages built bamboo chutes to get water from the creeks in the higher elevations. They have cows, buffalos, horses, chicken, ducks, pigs. They grow paddy, corn and vegetables. A small number of peoples still go for hunting in the jungle for meat and herbal plants in dry months.

A quiet scene in Putao
A quiet scene of life and nature combination. It is almost motionless. Yet the nature itself may be life and time. That is 'change', but it does not seem to have any change at least for a while.
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The kitchen in a Rawan house, Putao
A kitchen of Rawan home, where three Rawan guides took rest after a long hike back from Phangran Razi mountain, Putao.

Tuk tuk three wheeler transporter
Transport between Putao and some villages can be done by tuk tuk three wheeled transporters such as this one constructed out of a motor bike. The roads are however not in very good shape. Some bridges crossing creeks are in disrepair.

A Nail-less house in a Karen house, Thailand
A nail-less wood-bamboo house in a Karen village in Uthai Thani, central western Thailand. The houses entirely built without driving a nail are hard to find nowadays as the tribe peoples tend to take easier way of house construction.

Paddy pounding in a hilltribe village, Chiang Mai
Paddy pounding in a hilltribe village in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand. Karen tribal peoples lives are basically similar to ways of living of other hilltribes in south east Asia. Some Karens keep elephants.They are known to be skilled jungle dwellers. However the later generations of these tribal peoples who have been raised in more developed communities closer to or in low land areas may lose their traditional lifestyle and skills due to development pressure.

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